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Travelling the World by Watercolor

Ann Vasilik Art Show - North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC
June 26, 2007 through October 31

1. Bonsai at the Arboretum
Patience is required to bring out the grace and form of this elegant plant.
11" x 22" - $600
2. Praying Mantis
Found this fellow in my rhododendron.
11" x 15" - $450

3. Golden Oldies
The stately sunflower is found in many places. France has fields of them harvested for their oil.
43" x 22 1/2" - $1,050
4. Late Afternoon in the Quilt Garden
This favorite spot is irresitable. The echo of the mountains' tradition of quilting is delightful. Year-long, the Quilt Garden is a palette of flowers and plants changing with the seasons.
18" x 24" - NFS

5. Keeping Cool in the Pool
I love the seasonal arrangements in these large bowl planters. This arrangement of Flap Jacks Kalanchoe with Carex in the Reflecting Pool was featured last fall.
21" x 18" - $850
6. The Garden Gate at the Arboretum
These graceful sculptures, designed by Joseph Miller and David Brewin greet the visitor to the Stream Garden.
19" x 20 1/2" - $950

7. Andorran Village
Tucked in a mountain pass between Spain and France, its smuggling history is behind it, the tiny country of Andorra now is a busy duty-free market place.
17" x 21" - $950
8. Boat Yard at St. Johns, Antiqua
Leaving St. Johns, the clutter of small boats along the harbor waterfront, delight the eye.
14' x 21" - NFS

9. To Market - To Market
In the Lech River Valley of Austria, the world feels fresh and new. A rustic life still exists for many country folk.
19" x 26" - $1,400
10. The Dolomites
The Alpe di Siusi, a preserved alpine area of Austria with the peaks of the Dolomite Mountains. This is "Sound of Music" country.
21" x 28" - $1,550

11. The Port at Nassau
These brialliantly colored buildings greet the visitor to the island.
14" x 24" - $1,050
12. Baobab Safari Camp 2
These canvas-walled tents didn't seem much protection from the lions and elephants that roamed at night in Chobe National Park, Botswana.
8" x 11" - $300

13. The Athabasca Glacier-Canadian Rockies
The grandeur is breathtaking.
21" x 28" - $1,000
14. Victoria Waterfront
The architecture of many of these buildings in Victoria, British Columbia is like our own in Asheville. The ones on the right look like the Biltmore House.
12 1/2" x 39" - $1,300

15. The Calligraphy Exercise
At the Childrens' Palace in Shanghai, grandmothers come to this after school program with their grandchildren who study music, dance, art and calligraphy.
15" x 21" - $950
16. The Great Wall of China
This enduring symbol of China snakes across the mountains for thousands of miles. It failed to keep out the barbarians and is visited by the thousands today.
18" x 28" - $1,650

17. The Forbidden City
The heavy smog of a warm day in Beijing brings an ethereal haze to the massive buildings and courtyards of this ancient palace city.
11" x 15" - $850
18. Along The Yangtze River
I managed to paint this from a moving boat taking us down-river to the 3 Gorges Dam, the worlds' largest construction project nearing completion. Thousands of people will be displaced from their homes due the rising waters.
9 1/2" x 131/2" - $400

19. Boats On The Yangtze River
On a stop along the river to visit the Temple of Ghosts, these boats begged to be painted.
19" x 27" - $1,350
20. Hong Kong Market
Only a few of these street markets remain. Space has been given over to high rise condos and expensive hotels.
17 1/2" x 21" - $1,350

21. Chinese Panda
At the Chongqing Zoo, his name is "Ya-Ya". These panda charm people of all ages. Cute to watch, but they can be vicious.
11" x 7 1/2" - $300
22. City of Prague
On a walk across the Vltava River from the main area of the city, up into the hillside area of the Little Quarter, new vistas appear at every turn. The church of St. Nicholas is in the foreground.
18 1/2" x 28 1/2" - $1,650

23. The Castle Quarter - Prague
The 1,000 year old Prague Castle overlooks the Vltava River and the bustling city of Prague.
17" x 21" - $1,300
24. English Flower Garden
Every proper English home has at least a small flower garden. The moist, cool weather makes everything thrive.
16" x 21" - $1,000

25. Walking The Dog
These old stone structures in the Cotswald create a wonderful study in texture and light.
18" x 21" - $1,100
26. The Garden Gate
Timbered cottages like these in the Cotswald, England, are seen frequently and often are 100's of years old.
14" x 19" - $950

27. English Landscape
The big sky and sliver of light made me paint this bucolic scene of the English countryside.
13" x 20" - $850
28. Lunch On The Terrace
We stayed at the tiny hotel on the right in the small hillside village of St. Cirq Lapopie on our way to visit the 40,000 year old cave paintings at Pech Merle.
11" x 15" - $800
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